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2016 Request for Proposals: Update of a Cross-Canada Scan of Methadone Maitenance Treatment Policy Developments The Canadian Executive Council on Addictions (CECA) is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to update the 2011 report, A Cross-Canada Scan of Methadone Maintenance Treatment Policy Developments.
2015 Accreditation for Residential Addiction Facilities: Getting Started Accreditation of Residential Addiction Treatment Facilities: Getting Started provides administrators and staff of publicly funded residential treatment centres across Canada with concrete information about accreditation, including benefits, common misconceptions, available supports and how to identify which accreditation program is the best fit for their facility. Whether a facility is currently accredited and looking to justify renewal of its status or completely new to the accreditation process, this resource provides facilities with concrete information to help inform their decision to pursue accreditation.
2013 Collaboration for Addiction and Mental Health: Best Advice Collaboration for Addiction and Mental Health discusses multiple models of collaboration, all of which touch on the need for meaningful linkages among participants and the involvement of multiple sectors to address all levels of client need. However, the evidence on how to achieve effective collaboration between addiction and mental health services is not as robust as could be hoped. There is little information on guidelines for evaluating collaboration among these services and its impact on client outcome. The report fills this gap by providing an overview of key considerations for successful collaboration at the service level. It also includes illustrative examples of the application of collaborative principles in the delivery of treatment for those affected by both substance use and mental health issues.
2011 A Cross-Canada Scan of Methadone Maintenance Treatment Policy Developments The Canadian Executive Council on Addictions commissioned this report in response to concerns about how to address the rising demand for opioid dependence treatment across Canada. CECA requested an assessment of the content of existing federal, provincial and territorial system reviews of methadone maintenance treatment and opioid dependence treatment. This scan was conducted using a variety of methods, including document reviews, a scientific literature review and key informant interviews.
2008 On the Integration of Mental Health and Substance Use Services and Systems This statement addresses key questions for substance use service providers, managers and policy makers:
  • How can we strengthen our relationship with mental health service providers?
  • How can we improve the service we offer to those with co-occurring disorders?
  • What have we learned about collaboration with our mental health colleagues?
  • How can policy makers support integration that is proven to improve service to clients?